creating a reddit community

Creating A Reddit Community

Click the share option on the post, and from there, select "Community" that will show you all the subreddits. Find the one you would like to. To do this, please log into the account that you use to moderate the subreddit> click on "Mod Tools" over on the right> click on "Community. Welcome to the Content Creation subreddit For example should I post all my content under my main TikTok/Insta account OR should I be creating 3 separate. Reddit is a very clever social media platform where you can build community with people who share the same interests. Go to subreddit settings in the moderation tools box and under "type" check private. Only people you add via "edit approved submitters" will be.

You can't post anything on Reddit unless your account is at least 7 days old. An account under the age of 7 days can't post but comment and. When you visit a community, or subreddit create a post will be on the top of the subreddit's feed. community's chosen. Upvote 1. Downvote. In this video tutorial, I show you how to create a SubReddit and create your own community on Reddit. Get a FREE DOMAIN NAME and 50% Off Web. You can include an email account for Reddit account recover purposes, if desired. Your username identifies you on any posts you make or comments you leave. thousand communities known as subreddits. Due to Reddit's large subreddit to create the thread. You must have a Reddit account to post on the Reddit website. Make sure to encourage your subscribers to do the same. There are a lot of subreddits that you find out about quickly when you start using. How to make a community private? · Scroll down to 'Type of Community' · Select 'private' · Click the blue "Save Changes" in the top right. r/modhelp - Get help about moderating your community! Have questions about moderating your subreddit? We might be able to help! Show more. community because some degenerate somewhere I am unable to comment or create new posts in any subreddit I join. I have been on read for.

Found it. In Discover. Click the 3 lines (menu) on the left. Go to Your Communities. Scroll to the bottom. You'll find Custom Communities. Create a banner, created a subreddit Avatar. You can make custom awards and custom upvote/downvote symbols. Add widgets. Keep up with both old. Download my music at: Don't forget to Comment, Like & Subscribe!:) #JaceyFlames #HowTo #Reddit -- 🎙️ Need To. Intro Posting on computer Posting on mobile Watch this tutorial to learn how to post on Reddit on your computer or mobile. 1. Don't use mobile to moderate. · 2. Make your subreddit look good. · 3. Seed content! · 4. Set up post / user flairs. · 5. Check for related. On the top of the page there is a search bar, a share icon, community info and contact mods. Then underneath that there is a subscribe. just make it yours. put the content you want in it. no need to spam any other subs. but if you find other subs relative to your interests post. How To Create A Subreddit This is a video tutorial on how to create your own subreddit. Things you will need is a Reddit account that is. Seek out those who are interested in your topic, but do not harass. Make sure you create a sub that doesn't already exist. Make it unique. B).

How do you make a community on Reddit? · Posting interesting, engaging, or humorous content related to your products · Getting suggestions and feedback from. Hi community, I am trying to create a live When creating a post on mobile, you can subreddit allows it. I have the ability on my. I simply cannot seem to find a way to post anything in a subreddit on the reddit mobile app. If I click on someone else's post I there is an. Create an account to upload your own posts, comment, and up/down vote others' posts. · Browse and subscribe to subreddits. These are pages dedicated to specific.

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